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First sunny weekday in what feels like months despite the continuing gloomy news, the feel on the section of the London street where I’ve been working is upbeat – even cheerful. Maybe folks are happy about all those bankers getting it . . . or maybe they see this return to 1929 as just so much hype. Maybe it’s just the sun . . . . nonetheless as i sat at the local Starbucks watching the women go by, noting that they actually made eye contact, I had to admit it was one of those days you have to love London.

Amidst all this depressing news, the re-appearance of an old Tory tradition to cheer us all up:

Wolverhampton Tory Councilors Running Brothel

   Love the part about Reader’s Digest, Coronation Street and chat about the weather. £80 for her and only £20 extra for him. Imagine!! Tory councillors in their home and it took an undercover reporter to get them found out! The English and sex, it is a mystery . . . .

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